About Christopher

Artist Statement

Paintings in oil depicting a collection of objects with layers of detail in bold, straightforward compositions telling a concise story about time. I approach my work with naturalistic styling and a strong sense of minimalism and order.

I paint various vintage and antique objects, including typewriters, cameras, books, clocks, bubble gum machines and telephones, among other common technology and appliances. As subjects, they have a built-in narrative, and they have history. Transforming them into paintings creates an intimate, slower viewing experience.

I hope a viewer can find big-picture ideas, personal histories, and stories in the paintings. The straightforward compositions break the objects down into simple shapes and designs. Adding multiple layers of paint and minute but still painterly detail, my painting technique creates a near-photorealist aesthetic. I choose to paint the objects because painting is transformative.


Born in 1976, Christopher Stott began a prolific and dedicated studio painting career in 2003 after graduating from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada with High Honours and a Distinguished Exhibition.

Stott’s work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in commercial and public galleries worldwide. He works from his in-home studio on Vancouver Island with his wife and two children.



Christopher Stott / Studio / June 2015
The Studio / June 2015