From September 2010

Three Vintage Fans & American Art Collector Magazine

Three Vintage Fans
30″ x 48″ — Oil/Canvas — 2010
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The painting above is one of three that I’ll have participating in the upcoming Still Life exhibition in October at the Elliott Fouts Gallery. The show will feature paintings from many artists that I’m familiar with, including; Teresa N. Fischer, Craig Stephens, Katherine Lemke Waste, Derek Gores, Paul Coventry-Brown, Sally Tharp, Philippe Gandiol, Donald Bradford, Daryl Gortner, Neil Hollingsworth, Alvin Richard, Shawn Kenney and Otto Lange.

The show is being promoted in the October 2010 issue of American Art Collector magazine. Click on the bottom image to read the article.

Type A, Type B & Popular Etiquette

I was having a conversation with Cynthia, an art consultant at the Elliott Fouts Gallery, about one of my paintings. Apparently someone was looking at one of my unruly stacks of books and said they’d constantly be compelled to organize the books, straighten them out and make a tidy pile.

I like hearing about how different people interpret my paintings. And the idea occurred to me then to honor different personality types and how they relate to each other and can be integrated in to the same relationship, or paintings, in this case.

Type A, Type B
Type A, Type B / 20 x 36 / oil on canvas / 2010
Type B, Type A / 20 x 36 / oil on canvas / 2010
Type B, Type A / 20 x 36 / oil on canvas / 2010

A good friend of mine brought me an old paperback re-print of a Victorian era Popular Etiquette Book. Leafing through it, I have to say that although there are definitely missing virtues in today’s world, Victorian’s really made things uncomfortable for themselves with the litany of rigid rules and guidelines to follow.

Popular Etiquette / 16 x 20 / oil on canvas / 2010
Popular Etiquette / 16 x 20 / oil on canvas / 2010