From March 2011


I’m pleased to share the news that five of my paintings, including the two below, now belong to J.Crew‘s corporate collection.

Someday Soon
30″ x 36″ | Oil/Canvas | 2010

Remington Standard No. 10, Profile
30″ x 36″ | Oil/Canvas | 2010

Moving right along…

Over the past several weeks I’ve been able to complete some paintings that I’m happy with. That’s a peculiar thing for me to say.

A few years ago I worked fast, alla prima, completing paintings in only a few quick sittings. Over time, I’ve found myself slowing down considerably and becoming much more focused. Slowing down has given me the opportunity to approach challenging and highly detailed subjects.

Below are some black and white photos of some of these recent paintings on the easel. As spring rolls along I’ll be sharing these in color along with more pieces I’ve got in the works.