From February 2012

Some recent progress photos…

I’d like to share some recent progress photos.

I’ve been in the studio every single day for the last 2 months, working on numerous paintings. My exhibition schedule this year is busy, to say the least. I am participating in four exhibitions, three of which are solo shows.

The first solo will be my fourth annual June exhibition at the Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento, California. I’m proud (and a little astonished) to say I’m working on painting number 15 of the 20 that will be in that show.

I’ll share more info about the other three exhibitions in the coming months. But first I have to focus completely on painting.

So in the meantime, I’m going to disappear from the world of social media again and stick my nose back up to the easel.

I’m starting to wonder if my neighbors are aware that I rarely leave the house.

If it wasn’t for my wife, I’d have no social life at all.