The grand opening reception of the new location of the Elliott Fouts Gallery was something you had to see to appreciate. To say it was a full house is an understatement. The place was packed, shoulder to shoulder. I think the people of Sacramento are enjoying the new gallery, as they should.

By the end of the evening, 18 of the 22 paintings I have in the exhibition were sold. I wasn’t expecting that kind of a response to my work, and I think any artist would tell you that such an event is remarkably validating. I think I’ll keep doing what I do.

A quiet view of the exhibition

After four consecutive years of exhibitions in Sacramento, the best part is seeing familiar faces at the gallery. The Sunday following the reception, Kerrie Kelly and Vinny Catalano hosted a brunch so I could meet some more collectors. I was completely honoured by their hospitality. Every single conversation I had was enlightening and enjoyable.

Many thanks to the fine people at the gallery — Elliott Fouts, Michelle Satterlee, Cynthia Lou and Sherry Ngai. It’s a privilege to work with them!