From November 2015

The Story of Our Planet

The Story of Our Planet by Christopher Stott
The Story of Our Planet / 20 x 16 / oil on canvas

Browsing through a second hand book shop, I came across this heavy duty science book – The Story of Our Planet. I thought it made the perfect subject, especially juxtaposed with the vintage microscope hidden inside its box.

This painting is available through the Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento, California. Read more

Vintage Swivel Chair

Christopher Stott Painting / Vintage Swivel Chair / 30 x 24 / oil on canvas
Swivel Chair / 30 x 24 / oil on canvas

I haven’t painted or drawn figuratively since my student days. I took to painting objects and still life and rolled with it for many years.

Perhaps one day I’ll return to painting people, but for now chairs are as close as I get.

Chairs suggest a figure. Their design suggest a purpose, a form, femininity or masculinity. They have a definite silhouette which is important in my paintings. They give a sense of space, an interior. You can imagine a person, perhaps even yourself, in the space of the chair.