They Big Picture – this painting is about perspective.

I will use the painting as a metaphor. I obsess and focus on tiny one inch square areas of a painting, moving across the painting as I work over several days, sometimes weeks. Within each of these small spaces I pour detail and concentration. But I always have to remember to step back and look at the entire painting, to see how it works overall, to see that I have made progress.

It’s like this in life, no? If you focus on making each day as good as you can, eventually you can step back and see what is hopefully a life you are pleased with.

This is part of a series of four monochromatic book paintings.

Work in Progress / The Big Picture / Christopher Stott
The Big Picture
Good Stories
Work in Progress / The World We Live In / Christopher Stott
The World We Live In
Work in Progress / Ebb & Flow / Christopher Stott
Ebb & Flow