From October 2022


I have been sharing my work on the internet for twenty years in all the various incarnations of websites, blogs, apps, social media, platforms, etc. And if there is one thing I know for sure now, it’s that no matter how dedicated you are to a particular service or application, it will, without any doubt, completely change or even vanish entirely.

The personal website, like this one, have been around since day one. So my work gets to live here for anyone to come and see at any time instead of being washed away in the ever-growing flood of new images that flash past your eyes on Instagram.

The only advice I would give other artists about their careers is to set up and maintain a good website. Instead of pouring all your energy into things like Instagram, focus on a website. Because after 20 years or more, you’ll see it is worth the effort.

New Work in New York City

Red Royal Quiet Deluxe II / 24 x 36 inches / oil on canvas / 2022 / on the easel

This Red Royal Quiet Deluxe and Books + Pencils will be shown in New York City with the George Billis Gallery for the next few months.

Books + Pencils / 24 x 36 inches / oil on canvas / 2022 / on the easel

Back into the swing in the studio, the next several months will be busy focusing on the tiny details of many paintings.