24 x 24 / oil on canvas / 2009
24 x 24 / oil on canvas / 2009

Today a friend asked me “what’s new?” Ever sit there with a blank stare on your face when someone asks you that? That’s what I did. Then I thought about the “newness” in my life and realized that I’m focused on my work, and although that seems like nothing new to me, it’s new to the person you’re talking to. I’ve got the exhibition in June, which means I’ve got until mid-May to create some newness.

I’m sure that February, March and April will move fast. The work I’ll be doing will be larger, not going under say 20″ or 24″ in size. I’ve come to terms that this is around the size I work best in. It’s comfortable. The smaller I go, the more I struggle.


  1. Deb Schmit says:

    I love your work Christopher and look forward to Sundays when I have time to check in and see what you are up to. I think its neat that you immortalize antiques on canvas. I specially like your typewriters!

    So I have a question. When you paint larger, do you use canvas or linen?

  2. Chris says:

    Hello Deb,

    I work on canvas on the larger pieces.

    By the way, I see you’re in Montana. I grew up on the US/Canada border right above Montana. As kids, we’d ride our bikes to the border where there was a boundary maker … literally in the middle of nowhere.

  3. Mary Bullock says:

    I love your work too! It all seems to have an air of stillness that tells a story if you listen.
    By the way, where do you get your props? Do you collect antique appliances or machines? I love to do that – each objec thas it’s own history and it’s own story to tell.

  4. Chris says:

    Hi Mary,

    I frequent antique shops and eBay for most of my props. My lovely wife picks things up at flee markets and estate sales. And I have friends and family that have lent me objects.

    The candle stick phone in this piece was lent to me by a good friend who’s family has an old farmhouse with fantastic objects. The fan was a gift from my wife who found it at an antique fair. The lady who sold it to her was very reluctant to do so because she was using it to cool her off on a hot summer day.

    Slowly, my house is turning into a bit of an antique shop. I have old bubble gum machines that I keep hidden in my studio because they drive my kids wild.

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