24 x 24 / oil on canvas / 2009
24 x 24 / oil on canvas / 2009

My good friend Karin Jurick emailed me and said she spotted this painting in the June 2009 issue of Southwest Art Magazine, promoting my upcoming two-man show with Manuel Nunes at the Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento.

The article refers to me as Christopher Scott. Easy to do… Christopher Stott / Christopher Scott… see the difference? Even if you say it out loud you can barely hear the difference. It is a common error for the entire Stott clan. Everyone with my last name has a Stott/Scott mix-up to share. The upside is that it is easy to hide my identity should I ever need to. The downside is it makes it hard to Google me to find out more about my work.

Once I get my hands on an actual copy of the magazine I’ll share it with you, along with many more paintings included in the show.


  1. Joanne says:

    This painting is spectacular. Makes me feel like I should go and open my own bottle of something deep and dark and delicious. Perhaps the person who wrote the article had also been inspired to indulge, thus using a “c” instead of a “t”. That can sometimes happen you know – a kind of lisp takes over after having more than one glass! In this case, it would be a reverse lisp. Congratulations on the article. Hopefully people will notice the www. address in the lower left hand corner to google your name. 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    It really is an honor to be in the magazine! It’s just a minor incident and I’m aware it happens all the time.

    Thanks for the comment, Joanne.

  3. the editor., says:

    Hi! Christopher Stott,
    Congratulations! once again!…because if my memory serve me correctly, I think that another one of your painting was also featured in a previous issue of Southwest Art Magazine,

    …Therefore, I guess that I will have to seek out a copy of this issue too!…and what a beautiful painting…entitled “Bottles and Bartlett Pears” that is featured in the magazine article. (Promoting your upcoming two-man show with Manuel Nunes at the Elliott Fouts Gallery.)

    Take care!
    DeeDee ;-D

  4. Aliaena says:

    Dear Christopher. This is my first visit to your site (being rather new to blog-land myself) and I am just floored by your work. These bottles and pears are sumptuously beautiful! Beyond the extreem level of technical skill that you display there is a calm, inviting, almost meditative ambiance here that is incredibly attractive. I look forward to following your work in the future and wish you much continued success! Aliaena

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