12″ x 9″ — Oil/Canvas — 2009

This is the last piece I managed to finish for the upcoming December show. This is the sister painting to Green, Red, Blue, Yellow. It is more grown-up and sophisticated, but there is still the connection between the different types of pencils.

I think these paintings are interesting because of the simplicity and the way the lines (pencils) converge and make an ‘x’ design. In actuality, the entire composition is made up of the most simple shapes — some rectangles and a few lines, yet they translate to recognizable objects.


  1. tracywall says:

    I’m completely with you about these interesting paintings! The diagonals of the tools are most compelling for me. (Did you just drop them in or spend time arranging them ‘just right’?)

  2. Chris says:

    I spend a bit of time arranging them. Not to much time, otherwise I’d never settle.

  3. Hi! Chris Stott,
    I think that your painting Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow is beautiful.
    I also think your “companion” painting Three Pencils & Pen is beautiful too!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

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