I’ve always wanted to document the process of my paintings and share a glimpse of the studio. But these things always seem to turn in to make-work projects that interfere with with the real work in the studio.

My solution is to take simple black and white photos of paintings in progress. You can check out a slide show of the images or you can visit the set of images directly, where you can hover over each image to get a bit more explanation. You can also subscribe to them if you use an RSS reader.


  1. Hi! Chris Stott,
    Great idea!…I’am already in the process of trying to embed your video and viewing your slideshow over there on Flickr.

    By the way, your widget is doing great over there on My Widgetbox…when it comes to people viewing your widget.

    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  2. I feel like a naughty child who has just stood on tippy toe to stare in through your window! What a beautiful studio. Even better for sharing it in b/w.
    Your work is simply exquisite…

  3. Hi! Christopher Stott-
    Some of my comments were deleted by “The Googler” around this time…Hence, (my) missing comments.
    I’am so sorry, but I didn’t delete them…or it would say removed by owner?!? (Oh! yes, I have been making the rounds apologizing to people who blogs I visited.)
    DeeDee ;-D

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