I started painting tricycles nearly a decade ago.

Very early on in my fine arts program there was a project where we had to select an object as an idea and work with it over and over, repeating the image in different styles, mediums and formats. A friend had a fantastic ancient tricycle and it just resonated with me. I painted it in a classic realist manner, but peeled away all the surrounding imagery and focused on the tricycle alone in a straight-forward visual language stuck with me and never left.

Tricycle XIV
36″ x 30″ — Oil/Canvas — 2009

Two Tricycles
20″ x 40″ — Oil/Canvas — 2009


  1. jen says:

    Wow. Your paintings are definitely ones I would want to press my nose into should I ever see them in person.

  2. T.Ford says:

    Both of these are awesome! Really like how you’ve played with the sense of space in the compositions…the removal of the baseline in the bottom one really speaks to me…Childhood/endless possibilities…
    However,the top one w/ shallow space works too…the freedom offered by the tricycle to “escape”…
    I dig all your work Chris, but these two are superb!
    Btw, congrats on the show!

  3. Really nice work! I appreciate your subjects and the graphic qualities of the pieces. YOu have a great sense for use of positive and negative space. I enjoyed discovering your blog!

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