I will have three new paintings in the August group show at the Elliott Fouts Gallery. The show, entitled 40 & Under, is showcasing artists who are, well, either 40-years-old or younger. I’m really excited to have some paintings hanging in the show.

Below are two of the three, the third piece I’ll share a little closer to August.

Soda Pop Bottles
18″ x 14″ — Oil/Canvas — 2010
• Sold (Collection of J.Crew)

Pencils, Crayons, & Pen
18″ x 14″ — Oil/Canvas — 2010
• Sold


  1. Hi! Christopher Stott…
    …Both of your paintings here are very…beautiful. Once again, I like the close attention that you pay to details in your paintings Pencils, Crayons, and Pen and Soda Pop…For instance, in the painting entitled Soda Pop two bottles are empty and the bottle tops are missing…While one bottle is full and capped…a great detail.

    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  2. Lisa Daria says:

    Beautiful – I don’t know how you do this – it looks so hard – I really am drawn to your subject matter too, the objects you select have stories to tell, I think. . . so, I like that you are preserving them in your paintings.

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