From August 2012

Still Life: The Painted Image

The Washington County Museum of Fine Art, in conjunction with the George Billis Gallery NY, is exhibiting a group show of contemporary still life paintings from August 2012 through January 2013.

I am honoured to have three paintings included in the exhibition. You can read a feature article about the exhibition here.

The Italian
20″ x 32″  /  Oil/Canvas  /  2012
20″ x 32″  /  Oil/Canvas  /  2012

5:00, 4:00, 3:00, 2:00, 1:00
18″ x 36″  /  Oil/Canvas  /  2012

An Artist Retreat

I’m a studio painter. I used to do plein air style work, as a student. I tried all sorts of different ways of working, different materials, different mediums. But slowly over time I developed a process and subject that work well for me. One that suits my personality. I think every painter or artist eventually finds a way of working that suits their personality.

So when the time comes to travel, I usually start to get anxious about leaving my work place.

A secluded artist retreat.

So it took much thought and preparation when my family was presented with the opportunity to live for a month in a country home, far from the city, far from my studio. It’s something my wife and children were really looking forward to doing. Spending time with animals and deeply immersed in a quiet sanctuary on our own.

The place we were staying provided a studio space for me, and I’m so grateful they took the time to figure out how to make it work for me. So I was able to pack up my space and work the way I’m used to. With several exhibitions coming up this fall, there was no option to take time off painting. I need to keep going and follow the momentum of my work.

Every day, the landscape took us by surprise.

The experience we had over the month of being away is something that will stick with every single one of us for the rest of our lives.

My children spending time with animals that were once intimidating.

Time with animals makes you feel more human and more alive.

Without any exaggeration, the most stunning sky you can imagine.

So in the end, we all got something out of our time away. Every day we walked out in to the hills and were mesmerized by our surroundings. We found out about what has been missing from our lives, and now see things we have been taking for granted. And now we will add a little of what’s missing, and appreciate the things we have a little more.