Sometimes it would seem my paintings are kind of devoid of color, mostly very subdued or even simply black objects on simple white grounds. So I decided to swing the pendulum entirely the other way.

The Relationship Between Blue & Green Oil Painting by Christopher Stott
22 x 28 / oil on canvas

Above we have The Relationship Between Blue and Green. Turquoise. I used all the blues and greens on the palette.

I found myself a fantastic antique and vintage dealership near my new home. They were helpful in entertaining the idea of going through their shop looking for objects of certain colors. A birdhouse, an old clothes iron, a jewellery box, vintage luggage, an enamel cup, and a little alarm clock.

Red Lantern, Tonka Truck, Vintage Gas Can Oil Painting by Christopher Stott
18 x 36 / oil on canvas

Amber and Andrew at Everything Old are so friendly, so generous and helpful. For the Red painting they helped me find an old traffic warning lantern, a Tonka cement truck and a gasoline can. Makes for a bold, bright vehicle theme.

Blue Objects Oil Painting by Christopher Stott
18 x 36 / oil on canvas

The Blue painting has an enamel coffee pot, tea pot, cup and flashlight. I thought it was interesting the way the paintings each ended up with a theme of sorts, beyond the color focus.