From October 2015

Remington Standard No.7 Typewriter

Christopher Stott Painting / Remington Typewriter / 30 x 30 / oil on canvas
Remington Standard No.7 / 30 x 30 / oil on canvas

When I first started painting typewriters, they were very loose and expressive. They were more about the idea of the typewriter and I had not quite figured out exactly what my painting style or technical approach should be.

It was intimidating, to say the least. These old typewriters are full of details and precision. But I think I have found the balance I’m looking for in my painting. I approach them like architecture. The keys are like grand steps leading to a sturdy building flanked by columns.

I think the square within a square composition is effective. I’m happy with the way this painting turned out.

You can see 30 typewriter paintings from the past decade here.

In the Woods, History of the World

Christopher Stott Painting / In the Woods / 18 x 14
In the Woods / 18 x 14 / oil on canvas

I like to find obscure books with titles that suggest the subject beyond just a couple of books. Sometimes the suggestion is obvious, sometimes not. I prefer when it’s not as it means the painting can mean any number of things to any viewer. To me they’re akin to haiku poetry – the paintings are to suggest mood and ideas.

I have been painting books for close to a decade. You can see 155+ of those paintings here.

Christopher Stott Painting / A History of the World
History of the World / 18 x 14 / oil on canvas