24 x 20 / oil on canvas / 2008
24 x 20 / oil on canvas / 2008

There’s no shortage of those stories of people who wanted to do something other than what they are doing, or did for the entire life, like writing a novel, learning to play an instrument, traveling, etc. So many things complicate life, preventing dreams from taking shape. Responsibilities, people and events all put the kibosh on passions. Subscribing to the simple philosophy of “just do it” seems almost terrifyingly simple, so brazen and lacking foresight. It’s as if people are happier if things are really complicated because that complication can help squelch the little voice in your head that reminds you that you once had dreams.


  1. tracywall says:

    Sometimes we can wish everyday; but it takes a big thunk on the head (like some life changing situation) to be the spur to get you in the direction you need to go.

    I made a change to follow a dream, though along the way I rise and plateau, rise and plateau. I’ve been a on a seemingly long plateau lately; just starting now to jumpstart.

    Thinking of following a dream?

  2. A.Decker says:

    Timing…? Synchronicity…? Words I needed to hear/read right now. “Just do it” is scary. And looks like the only way to go.


    And I love that painting.

  3. DarkCity says:

    Hi! Christopher Stott,
    I’am featuring this painting on “me” blog, due to my interests in the Remington typewriter Btw, I just found a Remington typewriter at a resale shop last year.Just like my bubblegum machine…it looks just like your painting(s)!…realistic!

    Tks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  4. I’ve just stumbled across your blog and this post screams at me because I’m at the very start of trying out my dreams. Was having a moment of frustrated awareness that I’m still in between, still doing the other job and realising I can’t do everything all at once. But I’ve started! Your paintings are fabulous, best to you.

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