I thought I’d share a photo, a glimpse into my work space. This is another painting of the old Underwood in progress. I’m tackling the keys today, a great way to ruin ones posture is to sit for 3 hours straight, hunched over moving across the canvas, inch by inch. In a few months, I’ll share the completed painting once it’s hanging at the gallery for the exhibition in June.


  1. the editor., says:

    Hi! Christopher Stott,
    Your painting of the Underwood typewriter looks great!…from your previous post, I thought that you were painting in a “dungeon”…just kidding! but, far from it your workspace it’s light, airy and neat…Nice!

    Thanks, for sharing!

  2. Chris says:

    Light, yes, there is plenty of light in here. It is bright in here. Neat? Well, I keep promising myself that I’ll clean the place up one day. Photos can lie.

  3. DarkCity says:

    Oops!..I’am so sorry!.. I meant to say, that your studio “looks” or is “well lit” or there is plenty of (natural sun) light!…not “light” like a feather!…

    DeeDee ;-D

  4. Wow, great space…and so neat and organized.
    So now, not only am I inspired by your brillant work, but I want to bulldoz all this clutter out of my studio.

  5. Jim Serrett says:

    Nice looking space. Really liked the other pieces you did with the typewriter. They are what attracted me to your work and blog, but I guess I did not realize the size of them. With the amount of detail you put in those that is very ambitious.

  6. Chris says:

    Thanks, Jim. About the size… it’s almost impossible to really understand the dimensions of paintings by looking at them on the internet. Everything seems to be about 6″ square, maximum.

    Actually, I think photos of paintings on display would be the best at understanding how big or small a piece is.

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