From work in progress

Royal Typewriter in Progress


I haven’t shared anything on my blog in a few weeks because I’m knee deep in several complex paintings. I don’t know how some people have the time to share so much on social media. Every time I decide I should post on Instagram or Facebook it seems to take way longer than anticipated. I’d rather be painting.

Royal Typewriter / Work in Progress by Christopher Stott
Royal Typewriter / Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Vintage Alarm Clocks Painting in Progress by Christopher Stott
Vintage Alarm Clocks / Work in Progress

Oh, summer. You make it so hard to stay focussed in the studio. The lure of the sunny beaches and trails to explore. Please grant me a few overcast or rainy days so I can lock myself in the studio for a few hours to finish these paintings.

Vintage Alarm Clock Painting in Progress
Vintage Alarm Clock / Work in Progress

Once these two paintings are complete, they’ll be heading to the Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento, California.

Work in Progress

Ten Vintage Alarm Clocks Oil Painting by Christopher Stott

Another quick glimpse at one of the paintings I’ve been working on.

I’ve spent a great deal of time working on the shadows and highlights on this piece.

As with all my work, looking at it on your screen – a computer, a phone, an iPad – it’ll look far more tight than it does in the flesh. When standing in front of the actual painting you’ll see several think layers of paint.