From October 2021

Work in Progress

I have eight paintings in my studio that I have not shared yet. Here is one that I just put the finishing touch on. I am focused on working toward my upcoming February 2022 exhibition in Los Angeles. It’s just easier to spend my time painting to forget about taking photos of the progress and constantly being tied to social media.

Rotary Telephone and HB Pencil / 12 x 16 inches / oil on canvas / on the easel / 2021

This was a bit of a battle to complete, but I’m pleased with the outcome.

The next several months will be painting for an upcoming solo exhibition in Los Angeles. I have been exhibiting my work in galleries for twelve years now, and every time, the gear up and anticipation for making a large body of work always feels the same — I fluctuate between being kind of nervous and kind of excited.

5¢ / 48 x 36 inches / oil on canvas / on the easel / 2021

Eight Blue Clocks

I’m calling this my Time Travel series. Usually, I take a day to set the clocks to the same time, but for this one, I wanted the random order that the clocks were at when I set them up on the little blue suitcase.

Eight Blue Clocks / 24 x 30 inches / oil on canvas / on the easel