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New Work

Here’s a glimpse of another new painting that will be shown at the Seattle Art Fair with the George Billis Gallery from July 21 – 24.

Corona No.3 / 36 x 30 inches / oil on canvas / on the easel / 2022

Corona No.3 & Tom Thumb

Corona No.3 Typewriter painting by Christopher Stott
24 x 30 / oil on canvas

Typewriters are ambitious.

What I mean is that whenever I set out to paint one, I realize how technically difficult they are to paint and I feel like I’m being ambitious. They are full of these intricate details and repeating shapes, they take full concentration and a great deal of time. Getting those keys right is a slow process.

Then there is the idea of writing, story telling, compiling ideas. Getting it right the first time. Typing your thoughts on a typewriter is all about concentration – just like painting them.

The little green Tom Thumb below is a working children’s typewriter from the 1950s. I love how it contrasts with the classic Corona No.3 above.

Tom Thumb Typewriter Painting by Christopher Stott
24 x 30 / oil on canvas