I finally got my hands on the June 2009 issue of Southwest Art magazine… where I’m referred to as Christopher Scott. Still, I must say it is really an honor to be in the magazine! Click on the image to see it large and give it a read.

Christopher Stott Southwest Art
Christopher Scott (STOTT!) in the June 2009 Southwest Art Magazine


  1. the editor., says:

    Hi! Christopher Stott,
    Wow!…I must now get my hands on a copy of this issue of Southwest Art too!…Nice!
    hmmm…I wonder if in the next issue they (Southwest Art) will feature a “correction?!??”…sometimes magazines, and newspapers articles etc, etc, etc,…will do that you know.

    Take care!
    and once again “Congrats!
    DeeDee ;-D

  2. Jason Waskey says:

    Came across this in the magazine by surprise- what a very *pleasant* surprise!

    Congratulations on a very fine piece of press!

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