From August 2015

Work in Progress

After hosting visiting family for summer adventures, I’ve been enjoying quiet time in the studio and focussing on getting paintings complete. These will be part of my October 13 – November 14 exhibition in New York.

Sometimes I get so hung up on social media that I forget that my real goal is to make paintings, not constantly share in the river of images.

Christopher Stott chair painting, Augst 2015
Work in Progress / Swivel Chair
Christopher Stott Art Painting
Work in Progress / Phone / August 2015

Corona No.3 & Tom Thumb

Corona No.3 Typewriter painting by Christopher Stott
24 x 30 / oil on canvas

Typewriters are ambitious.

What I mean is that whenever I set out to paint one, I realize how technically difficult they are to paint and I feel like I’m being ambitious. They are full of these intricate details and repeating shapes, they take full concentration and a great deal of time. Getting those keys right is a slow process.

Then there is the idea of writing, story telling, compiling ideas. Getting it right the first time. Typing your thoughts on a typewriter is all about concentration – just like painting them.

The little green Tom Thumb below is a working children’s typewriter from the 1950s. I love how it contrasts with the classic Corona No.3 above.

Tom Thumb Typewriter Painting by Christopher Stott
24 x 30 / oil on canvas