From September 2015

Four, Five – Vintage Alarm Clocks

Five / 12 x 24 / Christopher Stott

These colourful vintage alarm clocks – I can’t seem to get enough of them. I could paint them over and over. These will be showing at my October/November 2015 exhibition in New York City.

Christopher Stott Painting / Five Vintage Clocks / 12 x 24 / oil on canvas
Five / 12 x 24 / oil on canvas

Five, already belongs to a collector, but there are limited edition archival prints available at the George Billis Gallery — click here for details.

Christopher Stott Painting / Four Vintage Clocks / 18 x 36 / oil on canvas
Four / 18 x 36 / oil on canvas

Four — a tidy arrangement with an even tempo and rhythm, also available as a print.


I am often asked if I have prints available. Yes I do — you can see them here.

I have several giclee prints available through the Elliott Fouts Gallery, you can check them out here. They are on canvas and come in a variety of sizes.

There are also new archival prints on paper through the George Billis Gallery in NYC. Those can be viewed here.

Art can seem like such an exclusive and elite interest and endeavor. It has this illusion of being inaccessible and something to strive for. I think prints are a way to break down barriers. If someone is interested in the image, likes what they see and wants to collect it, I think they should be able to. Prints make that possible. I want my work to be seen by everyone.

Christopher Scott or Christopher Stott?

I get called “Scott” all the time. I think it’s the hard ‘C’ on my first name and the uncommon, but sounding so close to ‘Scott’, last name that people just assume and jump in to calling me Scott.

And then I Googled ‘Christopher Scott and saw that over the last few years some bloggers have shared my work, which is cool, but have called me Christopher Scott. It has even happened in a publication. The first one I ever was in in 2009. So people are also reading Scott where they should be reading Stott.

So I’m writing this blog post as a way to perhaps catch some of those random Christopher Scott searches and shares that are actually looking for the art of Christopher Stott.