It is going to be a busy and productive fall and winter for me. I am setting up to work on several new paintings for my next solo exhibition which will be in Los Angeles in February/March 2020 at the George Billis Gallery LA.

First up we’ve got this set of cameras, just completed and set aside in the stockpile.

There will also be a few art fairs along the way before I head to LA for the show and I plan on having fresh work for them as well. I’ve got my work cut out for me.

9 Cameras / on the easel


  1. Sandy Delehanty says:

    Terrific painting. Glad to hear you are having another solo show. Burke and I loved your NYC show.

    Cynthia and I were just talking about how much to reveal on social media prior to a solo show and how much to keep secret. And whether a better way to promote a show is in newsletters, and how much to you reveal of the actual paintings in the newsletters? I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

    I have a solo show at her gallery scheduled for September 2021 but I am already beginning to work on it, which is why we were having this discussion.

    Have a really fun and productive time working on this show.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Sandy —

      I think a lot has changed with how I share my work since the advent of social media. Before Instagram I would only share some progress photos here on my blog as I worked toward an exhibition. They were even cropped black and white images intentionally not revealing the paintings and acting more like a documentary style view in to the studio and process. Now I feel pressure from our social media overlords to somehow keep relevant and active.

      Ultimately, the art that we do is best viewed in the gallery space. Peaks of the art as it is being made are like small samples — just giving hints about what the paintings look like. But here’s a little secret only people reading my comments will learn — I have paintings completed that are not shared until the exhibition hanging day is close at hand. I share some paintings before, not all of them.

      I personally find keeping up with social media to be exhausting and downright demoralizing, so I take week long breaks. Look at my own Instagram feed and you’ll see up to 4 weeks pass between images I share.

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