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The Fans

Two Vintage Electric Fans 20" x 24" — Oil/Canvas — 2009
Two Vintage Electric Fans
20″ x 24″ — Oil/Canvas — 2009

It turns out I have an interest in industrial design. And nostalgia. And strong geometric shapes. And icons and symbols found in everyday objects. The interests manifest themselves in paintings. Paintings that are done with a slight lean on old masters painting techniques with an emphasis on how that light falls on these objects. Recently that light has been the dependable light from a north-facing window in my house.

Vintage Electric Fan, Three Glasses of Water 30" x 36" — Oil/Canvas — 2009
Vintage Electric Fan, Three Glasses of Water
30″ x 36″ — Oil/Canvas — 2009

Painting in Progress: A Big Fan

I’m working on a variation of the vintage electric fan. I’ve added a few more shapes to the composition and will be adding several layers of glazes focusing on the surface of the glasses and fan. Fascinating, huh? If you want to see some simply beautiful still life with geometric shapes, check out the work of Volkert Olij.

After this piece, I’m going to be working smaller. When I started this fan, I thought it would be easier than the typewriter, but the truth is the typewriter has so many tiny little details that you can sort of wing it.